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ADA Accessibility: A Practical and Moral Necessity

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ADA Accessibility: A Practical and Moral Necessity

Blog: ADA Accessibility: A Practical and Moral Necessity
September 15, 2022 |

Inclusion for all should be a key value for businesses

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides equal access and inclusion to businesses, organizations, and communities. But beyond its legal necessity, ADA compliance makes a moral case for inclusion—an invaluable opportunity to ensure that everyone feels welcome in society regardless of disability.

What are the Benefits of Being ADA-Compliant?

For businesses and organizations, ADA-compliant structures and devices can lead to increased sales from customers who appreciate an accommodating atmosphere. Other benefits include avoiding potential legal complications that could arise from non-compliance, building trust and credibility with customers, and providing an overall better customer experience.

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Focus on a Proactive Plan for Accessibility

Every business or organization should have a plan for becoming ADA-compliant and should actively look for potential areas of improvement. The development and implementation of an accessibility plan should start by evaluating what changes need to be made in order to comply with the law and make the customer experience easier. Furthermore, businesses can invest in various tools and services such as a professional Certified Access Specialist -- to make it easier than ever to become ADA-compliant.

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What Is at Stake When Businesses Fail to Comply with the ADA?

When businesses fail to comply with the ADA, not only does it create a potential threat to their customers and any visitors who may enter their facility, but it also can open them up to costly fines and legal ramifications. Furthermore, businesses that are not compliant with the ADA are at risk of losing the trust of their stakeholders as well as losing out on potential customers due to reputation damage. As such, when organizations consider ADA compliance, they should prioritize taking actionable measures over simply doing the bare minimum.

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We as a society are morally obligated to provide proper accessibility for the disabled. At Building Principles, we believe that most business owners have every intention of making their business fully accessible. Our CASp Inspectors aim to help those business owners with the best intentions provide an accessible place to purchase goods and services for everyone. By creating an accessible environment, you send a message to the almost 26% of Americans living with disabilities that you care and can positively affect your business.

If you are looking to get your business ADA compliant and want protection from costly ADA lawsuits. Don't hesitate and give us a call or contact us at the link below to get a quote for your business, and see how we can get your business accessible and protected today.

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