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The Increase of Winery ADA Lawsuits

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The Increase of Winery ADA Lawsuits

Blog: The Increase of Winery ADA Lawsuits
MAY 15, 2022 |


If you own/operate a winery, you should be aware of the recent uptick in ADA lawsuits targeting wineries. From Napa Valley to Temecula and all across the US, ADA lawsuits have been increasing all over. According to Channel 3 News, based in California, and CBS News, California wineries in Napa had been hit with more than four dozen lawsuits in 6 months and increasing.


ADA lawsuits filed by shady law firms try to exploit common problems in an industry, file hundreds of lawsuits, and take advantage of small businesses that cannot afford litigation. ADA lawsuits often have a $4,000 minimum per visit and can be as much as $100,000 in some cases. So getting your Winery prepared and protected from these lawsuits can save you thousands and give you peace of mind.

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Staying informed on your industry's vulnerabilities and local news regarding these lawsuits may give you some idea of when these lawsuits come to your area. But people rarely expect to be hit with a lawsuit until it's too late. Getting the help of expert CASp (Certified Access Specialists) can give you peace of mind knowing your business is compliant with the standards of the ADA and the most current regulations. Retaining a CASp Company proactively can save you thousands; however, even if you are hit with an ADA lawsuit, a professional CASp can often get the case dropped. As a business in California, you cannot afford not to be protected from costly ADA lawsuits. Contact Building Principles, California's #1 ADA compliance company with over 25 years of construction and ADA compliance experience, and get your business protected today.

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We as a society are morally obligated to provide proper accessibility for the disabled. At Building Principles, we believe that most business owners have every intention of making their business fully accessible. Our CASp Inspectors aim to help those business owners with the best intentions provide an accessible place to purchase goods and services for everyone. By creating an accessible environment, you send a message to the almost 26% of Americans living with disabilities that you care and can positively affect your business.

If you are looking to get your business ADA compliant and want protection from costly ADA lawsuits. Don't hesitate and give us a call or contact us at the link below to get a quote for your business, and see how we can get your business accessible and protected today.

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