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Is Your Business Protected From An Ada Lawsuit?

Get your business ADA Compliant

CASp Inspection & ADA Compliance Services

Building Principles will get you the peace of mind of being ADA compliant, call one of our Certified Access Specialists today. Call or Text us to set up your free consultation

COVID-19 & ADA Compliance


How we are keeping everyone safe

During this pandemic, with businesses closing and people staying home, the American people have been striving to keep the economy going while still maintaining all safety precautions and laws. Building Principles has been doing its part by adhering to our customers' needs and training our employees to adhere to all CDC & OSHA guidelines. During this temporary period of empty buildings and businesses, it can be an excellent opportunity to get your business protected from ADA lawsuits. We are doing everything we can to help our customers know the best policies and how we are doing our part during this pandemic. All our employees adhere to the following guidelines;

If you are concerned about any of our services or safe practices that may not be listed here, please feel free to call or contact us for more information.

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