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An entity that owns, leases, leases to, or operates a place of lodging must follow these new requirements.

Places of lodging include traditional hotels, motels, and inns, as well as facilities that provide guest rooms for sleeping for stays that are primarily short-term (generally30 days or less), where occupants do not have the right to return to a specific room or unit after the conclusion of their stay, and which provide guest rooms under conditions and with amenities similar to a traditional hotel, motel, or inn. Such conditions and amenities include the following:
• On- or off-site management and reservations service;
• Rooms available on a walk-up or call-in basis;
• Availability of housekeeping or linen service;
• Acceptance of reservations for a room type without guaranteeing a particular room or unit until check-in, and without a prior lease or security deposit.
This does not include facilities that contain no more than five rooms for rent and that actually is occupied by the proprietor of the establishment as the residence of the proprietor.


New Reqirements for Places of Lodging

From the 2010 ADA Standards In general, lodging built after March 15, 2012, will have to comply with the 2010 ADA Standards [Sections 224, 806 as well as §36.406(c)] which include a new section with standards for recreational spaces, including but not limited to swimming pools and spas (Sections 242, 1009), exercise equipment (Sections 206, 236,1004), golf courses (Section 238, 1006), boating facilities (Sections 235, 1003), and play areas (Sections 240, 1008). The 2010 ADA Standards also include new scoping provisions for the number of guest rooms that must be provided with features for mobility access and for communication access. Existing lodging built before March 15, 2012will need to remove architectural barriers, when readily achievable, to recreational facilities, which include but are not limited to swimming pools and spas, exercise equipment, golf courses, boating facilities, and play areas.

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